Recycling household appliances

Anything around the home with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled when you no longer need it.

electrical kitchen appliances electrical kitchen appliances

Which household appliances can be recycled?

Make sure your old electricals are turned into useful items like life-saving equipment and bicycles. You can recycle all these things and more.

Recycling and disposal of household appliances

Looking to recycle a fridge or microwave? There are a few ways to get rid of unwanted household appliances – whether they are in working order or not.

repairing electricals can save money and resources

Donate, repair or sell

If your fridge, washing machine or other electrical appliance is still usable, some charity shops or furniture re-use companies will accept donations of your white goods. Many even offer collection services.

If the item has stopped working, consider getting a quote for repair. A quick fix may be all it needs to give it a new lease of life and could be cheaper than buying a replacement. 

Or, given that the item is still in working order, you could try to sell it on the internet.

How to dispose of bulky household appliances

If repair isn’t economical, some retailers provide a disposal service for large household items like washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers when you buy a replacement appliance. These sellers can take your old item away when delivering your new one. They might charge a fee for this service.

Find your nearest reuse and recycling point

The easiest way to find your local recycling points is to check our recycling locator. Some local councils offer a recycling collection service from your door. Or for a small fee, you can arrange a bulky waste collection to take away large electricals. All local councils have one or more household waste recycling centres where you can drop off your old electricals for recycling.


Recycling locator
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