Recycling vapes

Recycle your vape – and save precious resources from going up in smoke.

single use vapes single use vapes

Why recycle vapes?

Breathtaking facts about the vape.

vape being thrown in bin

We’re throwing away millions of vapes

In the UK we buy half a billion vapes a year and bin a massive 3 million of them every week. That includes rechargeables, single-use, and rechargeable vapes with a single-use chamber.

single use vapes

1.3 million single-use vapes a week binned

Single-use vapes are a big problem – we’re chucking away enough of them every year to cover 22 football pitches. They might be called disposable but they should still be recycled.

vapes and batteries on table

There’s hidden treasure inside vapes

Vape kits contain lithium – also a vital component in electric car batteries. Recycling vapes would save precious resources from being lost forever.

piles of e-waste

Piling on the problem of e-waste

Vapes are quickly becoming part of the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, where we bin over 155,000 tonnes of electrical waste a year.

infographic showing single use vapes and e-vehicle

Did you know?

1,200 electric vehicles

We lose 10 tonnes of lithium each year when ‘disposable’ single-use vapes are simply thrown away.

That lithium could make batteries for whole fleets of electric cars.

How to recycle vapes

It’s as easy as ABC


Can you remove the battery from your vape kit? If so, take it out and recycle separately. Can’t remove the batteries? Add the whole vaping kit to your electrical recycling.


Find a bag for all your old electrical bits and pieces until you can go to the recycling centre – or until collection day, if you have one. Put the electrical bit of your vape kit in the bag.


Find your nearest recycling point. Enter your postcode in our recycling locator. And away you go.

Where can you recycle vapes?

Pick the option that suits you

Where to recycle vapes and other electrical items

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