Repair electronics

Before recycling, selling or donating your old electricals – how about getting them fixed?

Middle-age light skinned man helping a young dark skinned man wearing goggles and overalls repair an electrical item

Recycling near you

Repairing old tech – your options

Old kettle in need of a new element? Phone needing a new screen? If your device has developed a fault you might be able to get the manufacturer to repair or replace it. Failing that, remember it can be cheaper to pay to have something fixed than to buy new. Usually better for the planet too. Or you might fancy learning how to make do and mend for yourself.

Learn how to repair electronics and electricals – check out these organisations

Graphic of smartphones in a drawer


There’s a smarter way to treat old phones

It’s estimated that on average there are two mobile phones hidden away in a drawer in every UK household.

But with a simple repair many could be donated or sold to someone who could put them to good use.

Electricals beyond repair? Find a recycling point near you

If you’re a charity, or reuse or repair organisation and you’re not listed in our recycling locator yet, please get in touch.