Repair electronics – why, how and where

Before recycling or donating your unwanted appliances and gadgets, consider getting them fixed – or learning how to mend them yourself.

Apprentice with supervisor in a recycling centre Apprentice with supervisor in a recycling centre

4 good reasons to refurbish and repair electricals

Having your electrical appliances and gadgets refurbished – or doing it yourself – can be great for your pocket, the planet and you too.

1. Save money

Why splash out on new gear when you could have that phone, laptop or kettle back in working order with a quick repair?

2. Save resources

Refurbishing old electricals means less old tech going to landfill – and stops the precious materials they’re made of being lost forever.

3. Learn a skill

Join the make-do-and-mend movement – and get practical skills to last you a lifetime. Check out the organisations that can help, below.

4. Feel fantastic

It’s hard to beat the feeling you get from a good-as-new poduct that didn’t cost the Earth.

Fix it

Fancy learning how to repair electronics and electricals yourself?
Check out these organisations.
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Did you know?

There’s a smarter way to treat old phones

It’s estimated that on average there are two mobile phones hidden away in a drawer in every UK household.

But with a simple repair many could be donated or sold to someone who could put them to good use.

Beyond repair? Find a recycling point near you

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