The Little Spring Clean 2021

The nationwide campaign to set you free from all those annoying little electrical bits and pieces.

dog tangled up in cables

Where to recycle your electricals

Zandra Rhodes with electrical tote

Little Spring Clean 2021

Organise your spring clean. Fabulously.

British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes has designed a tote specially for you to gather up and recycle your small unwanted electricals in style.

Whether you’re a secret thrower or proud recycler, get a tote for your Little Spring Clean. Then find your nearest recycling point using our locator.

What is the Little Spring Clean?

Illustration - Nearly 1 in 3 have ditched old kitchen gear

Did you know?

Your partner’s kitchen appliances may not be to your taste

But before you bin them, remember: anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.

And maybe ask first?

Your Little Spring Clean toolkit

Photo of Konnie Huq and Nicola Lewis sorting old electricals

Sorting made simple

Professional declutterer Nicola Lewis shares her winning formula for a well-organised spring clean.

Sort it with Nicola
cloud storage displayed on laptop

How to be data safe

Anxiety about personal data stops many of us recycling phones and other smart devices. Unlock your potential with our quick guide.

Delete your data
Three hands showing a smartphone with cracked screen, a pair of over-ear head phones and a handful of electrical cables

What can you recycle?

Spoilers. Anything with a plug, battery or cable.

What can be recycled?
Paul Lewis talking about selling, donating or recycling electricals

Money for old tech

Personal finance expert Paul Lewis reveals how to make a little extra from your unwanted electricals.

Cash for nowt

You are the campaign

Kids can get in on the action too

Get our fun activity pack for children of all ages. With the Tech Treasure Hunt you’ll soon have them hunting for old electricals buried in drawers and cupboards – and discovering the hidden treasure they contain.