E-Waste Day – 14th October 2024

This International E-Waste Day, we’re going to help the UK tackle THAT ‘drawer of doom’ full of cables! Save the date to join our nationwide campaign.

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Where to recycle

Clear out your cables for International E-Waste Day!

This International E-Waste Day, we’re going to help the UK tackle THAT drawer of doom, full of old cables and other electrical items. Together, we’re going to clear out that clutter, freeing up not only our cupboards but our minds too.

Expect a UK-wide campaign with tips and tricks, new research and lots of HypnoCat! Stay tuned for more details…

Why are we talking about cables?

And why you should get involved in International E-Waste Day

cross-section of electrical cables containing value metals such as copper

Cables are full of copper

Cables – like anything with a plug, battery or cable – contain some of the planet’s most precious and finite resources, like copper. Copper is vital to everyday life,  and used in electrical systems, plumbing, renewable energy, telecommunications and everyday household items.

Two light skinned people holding a cardboard box full of old electrical items against a pink background.

But we’re currently wasting it

The average UK home has at least 4 or 5 unused cables gathering dust in a drawer. And when they’re not hiding in homes, 5 million cables are binned every year – that’s enough to circle the earth 5 times! That’s an urban mine of copper that’s currently going to waste.

3D scan of a USB C cable

Copper is infinitely recyclable

Copper can be recycled over and over and over without losing any of it’s strength. And it’s not just copper, in fact 75% of materials in our electricals can be recycled and used again. Copper, gold, lithium, aluminium… Don’t let these precious materials go to waste. Let’s give them a new lease of life!

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How can you get involved…

We will soon announce more details on how people can get involved in the campaign. If you are from an organisation and want to learn more about participating or partnering with us, read our FAQS below or contact

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Who’s involved in International E-Waste Day?

Join the growing list of organisations already taking part to tackle e-waste

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Over 70,000 people got involved last year

Last year we inspired 73,000 people nationwide to kickstart their reuse and recycling journey – in just one week!

Together we can make even more of an impact this year.

Where to recycle your electricals