Nicola Roberts dazzles in 315 metres of old electrical wire

Star lights up Fashion Awards 2021 – and the campaign to get us all recycling our unwanted electricals.

Nicola Roberts models dress made from recycled electrical wire Nicola Roberts models dress made from recycled electrical wire

Nicola Roberts wears Alex Sipa gown created from household cables

Positive energy

Nicola Roberts

“It really does show what’s possible in terms of recycling, and just how beautiful it can be.” – Nicola Roberts, singer, actor, writer.

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Alex Sipa

“I realised these beautiful details could be achieved using waste we all have lying around.” –  Alexandra Sipa, designer.

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Harold Tillman

“A brilliant idea. We need this campaign – and we need to know how to recycle.” – Fashion guru Harold Tillman.

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Want to do something right now?

From fashion to jewellery – recycling is a beautiful fit

Inspired by the electro-dress? Try jewellery made from gold, silver or other precious metals from recycled electricals.

With the festive season just around the corner our guide to ethical jewellery comes to the rescue.


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Ring made from gold salvaged from recycled electricals
copper wire can be recycled Truck carrying ore at a copper mine industrial emissions from chimneys

Did you know?

The cable knit reinvented

How to get the Nicola Roberts sparkle

Raw materials of the gown

188 wires

Did you know – the average UK home has 5 unwanted cables tucked away in a drawer?

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315 metres of copper

Old wires contain copper which can be reused for its amazing conductivity, antibacterial properties – or even ethical fashion.

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22 ethernet cables

There’s enough copper in unwanted electricals in just 41 homes to make another stunning Alex Sipa dress.

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Ethical fashion, old electricals and climate change

Why recycling copper is green

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