Hidden treasure: a bird’s eye view

Find your nearest recycling point

Hand on heart

DJ Downsy is fired up to recycle his hidden electricals
after learning that they could be made into
life-saving equipment including defibrillators. 
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Ian Downs, DJ Downsy, with old electricals photogrphed by Gregg Segal


Eco-campaigner and author Natalie Fee
is blown away by how much unwanted electrical gear
is lurking in UK homes – her own included.  
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Crowded house

App developer Rupert and his children
reckon they have a more than average haul of
old electricals gathering dust at home.  
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“If everyone in the UK recycled just one old electrical,
imagine what we could do,” says sustainability manager Paul.
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A man and a boy lying down amongst a lot of electrical goods
portrait photo of Greg Segal, photographer


“I hope people will see themselves – and their old electricals – in these pictures”

Gregg Segal, Photographer

“We don’t have to be surrounded by this stuff. We can pass on these old electricals to others or recycle them.”

“I hope people will be inspired to unburden themselves with a good purge, by donating their small old electricals that still work and recycling the ones that don’t.”