Zandra’s Electrical Tote

The Zandra Rhodes tote bag means recycling your pre-loved electricals has never been easier – or more stylish. A little lift for your spring clean.

Zandra Rhodes with electrical tote 5 sqd Zandra Rhodes with electrical tote 5 sqd
Zandra Rhodes with electrical tote Zandra Rhodes electrical tote bag Zandra Rhodes with electrical tote

Tote-ally chic

Put your Zandra Rhodes tote to work

It makes recycling electricals as easy as ABC

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Are there batteries or bulbs in your old devices? Remove them before recycling. It’s your responsibility to destroy personal data on smart devices and computers, so take out memory cards and delete your data.

Delete your data


Get yourself an exclusive Zandra Electrical Tote to store your old electrical bits and pieces until you can go to the recycling centre – or until collection day, if you have one.

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Check our recycling locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point. Some councils collect from your home. Otherwise keep those electricals in your Zhandra Electrical Tote until you can visit a drop-off point.

Recycling locator
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Psst! Zandra won’t hold it against you

Obviously you don’t have to buy a new bag to put your old electricals in – any bag will do as long as it’s quite strong.

But when you buy the Zandra Rhodes Electrical Tote, profits will go to a cause close to Zandra’s heart, Waste Aid.

Waste Aid are a fantastic charity fighting poverty, pollution and climate change by sharing waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places.

Just saying.

Why use a tote to store your electricals for recycling

A little organisation goes a long way

pile of old electricals for recycling

What’s the problem?

Old electricals are one of the fastest-growing sources of waste. But anything with a plug, battery or cable can be reused or recycled.

Child playing on a swing in a park. Materials from recycled electricals can be remanufactured into children's playground equipment.

Freedom from clutter

Those small old electricals can be transformed into anything from children’s playground gear to life-saving equipment.

Zandra Rhodes tote and hairdryer

Don’t bin it, bag it

Collect your old electricals in a bag and the battle is half won. Getting them recycled is the easy bit.

The Zandra Rhodes effect

Dame Zandra Rhodes has spearheaded a greener approach to fashion for years. Impeccable style credentials, sustainability mindset – who better to support our campaign?

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Zandra hoes with electrical totes on a rooftop

Get updates on the Little Spring Clean and other great ways to recycle your electricals