Trade in or recycle TVs

Getting rid of an old TV? Is it still working? Consider a trade-in or donating it. Otherwise, repair or recycle.

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TV recycling near me

TV disposal: your options

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Sell or trade in a TV

Trade in your TV with a retailer, or find a buyer through neighbours or local networks – it will save you the hassle of shipping.

TV trade-in
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Donate your old TV

Many charities welcome a TV in working order. They will re-sell or pass it on to someone who needs it. See our page on donating electricals. 

Donate electricals
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Repair your TV

Try troubleshooting first, then see our page on repairing electricals and electronics. Faulty parts can often be fixed, saving you from buying new.

Repair electronics
major retailers will take back old electricals

Trading in a TV

You may be able to trade in your TV with a retailer and get cash or money off the cost of a new set.

Larger brands such as Samsung occasionally run special offers where they may take your old set and give you a discount on a new TV, or vouchers towards other purchases. Some stores run part-exchange deals for limited time periods, so it’s worth shopping around – especially if you’re upgrading a TV.

If your old set just needs to be recycled, retailers will take it off your hands.


More on retailers and appliance recycling

How to recycle TVs

Like anything with a plug, battery or cable, your old TV can be recycled.

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Is your data safe? Before recycling, make sure you delete your data and remove any dongles and other attached devices such as DVD players, games consoles and speakers.

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Set aside a bag, box or cupboard – TVs can be big brutes – where you can store your unwanted electricals. Gathering old tech in one place will make your next visit to your local recycling point much smoother.

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Find your local TV recycling point. Simply pop your postcode into our electrical recycling locator.

Find your nearest recycling point

Where can I recycle an old TV near me?

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Let me channel your urge to recycle your old TV

Repeat after me: “Bag it, don’t bin it.”

Now find your nearest recycling point.