Recycle laptops, desktop computers and accessories

Wondering what to do with an old computer and accessories? Read on to find out how and where to recycle laptops, desktops, mice and cables.

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Recycle laptops, desktop computers and accessories: quick-start guide

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Have you backed up files that you want to keep from your PC or laptop? Did you remove memory cards and batteries? Have you erased your personal data? Use our guide to deleting data.

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Bag up your unwanted laptop, computer and accessories like HDMI cable and mouse until you’re ready to take them for recycling. Recycle the battery pack with your other batteries if it’s removable – they pose a fire risk if mixed in with other recycling.

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Find your nearest electricals recycling, reuse or donation point by using our locator. If you’re buying a new laptop, computer or accessories you can now hand over your old ones in store for recycling.

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Are you sure you want to recycle your IT gear?

Your laptop, desktop, mouse and cables could live on.

reuse or recycle laptops or desktop computers by having them repaired

Repair your laptop or accessories

Instead of buying a new computer or the accessories, a repair could save you money. So check with your manufacturer, retailer, local computer repair shop or Repair Cafe.

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Donate your laptop and accessories

Charities can refurbish your computer and accessories for someone who needs them, or recycle or sell them to raise funds. More on donating electricals.

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Sell your laptop and accessories

Your old computer gear may be perfect for someone else. Try online market places to see if you can make a little cash towards your next laptop or desktop.

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Did you know?

Retailers will now take your old electricals when you buy new

There are 10,000 new recycling points across the UK

And some larger stores take back your old gear for recycling even if you’re not purchasing from them.

Where to recycle old laptops, desktop computers and accessories

Pop in your postcode to find your nearest reuse and recycling point

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Did you know?

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