Love your old toaster

As a nation we love our toast, but do we love our toasters enough? Our latest campaign turns the heat up on all those electricals we throw away. And we created a giant toaster to help!

Where to recycle

Why a giant toaster?

The perfect pop-up campaign

spreading butter on toast

We’re a nation of toast lovers

In Britain we munch our way through 40 million slices of toast a day – and it takes a lot of toasters to make that much toast.

old toaster

But true love sometimes forgets

We throw away over 11 million old and unwanted toasters a year – or just leave them to gather dust. That’s a lot of precious materials going to waste.

shopping for toaster

Pre-loved, ready to be loved again

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be reused or recycled – not just old toasters. And now you can even hand over electricals in store when you’re buying.

If you really love your old toaster, let it go

The actor, the presenter and the artist on why they’re switched on to the campaign

“There are always new ways to improve your eco-footprint – that’s why I’m taking part in the Love Your Old Toaster campaign: we chuck away 11.4 million of them a year. Check out the postcode locator – it’s brilliant!”

Joanna Page
Actor and Sustainability Champion

Portrait of Michelle Ackerley

“I’m determined to be part of the generation that does something proactive about unwanted household electricals. It’s time for individual action, because anything with a plug, cable or battery can be recycled. Don’t dump yours in the rubbish and let it go to waste – pop your postcode in the locator: it will show you where you can take your beloved old toasters to be recycled. It’s that easy!”

Michelle Ackerley
Presenter & Consumer Advocate

Eloise Henderson-Figueroa

“I’ve always been interested in small actions we can do to help the planet. My design is a visual representation of electricals we hoard in our homes – mixed in with my colourful style. A fun way to engage people and raise awareness of a serious topic.”

Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa
Muralist & Artist
Photo: Bruna Balodis

toaster recycling campaign group westfield

Massive thanks to the people who have made this campaign possible

Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London – for providing space for the pop-up toaster and supporting the campaign launch; Michelle Ackerley and Joanna Page for their involvement as the campaign’s ambassadors; Veolia, SWEEEP and Bright Sparks Repair and Reuse – who will be collecting, recycling and donating the electricals; East of Eden PR – for their PR and communications; and the talents of Storyhouse Productions and Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa for bringing the dream life.

ABC of electrical recycling

The simple recipe

Graphic of a question mark speech bubble surrounded by electrical items


Does it have a plug, battery or cable? If you can remove the battery, take it out and recycle it separately. Can’t remove the batteries? Add the whole thing to your electrical recycling.

Graphic of bag of electricals


Set aside a bag for all your old electrical bits and pieces until you can go to the recycling centre – or until collection day, if you have one.

Graphic of a laptop with recycling locator icon


Find your nearest recycling point. Enter your postcode in our recycling locator. And away you go.

Where to take your toaster and other small electricals for recycling