Look into my eyes

I am HypnoCat, master purrrsuader and recycling crrrusader

HypnoCat the pink fluffy reycling cat

Where to recycle

Hypnocat's pink head from the TV advert


Do I seem

You may have heard my hypnotic tune on your screens and radios! Have you ever heard such a magnificent singing cat?

Listen to my pawsome song that hypnotised the nation into recycling their electricals …

Image of Hypnocat asking humans to bag up their old electricals for recycling

My mission

I am proud to be the pink, fluffy mascot for Recycle Your Electricals.
I use my hypnotic superpowers to purrrrsuade the nation to reuse or recycle our old, unwanted electricals.
My mission is simple – anything with a plug, battery or cable can and should be recycled. Our electricals contain precious and finite materials that can be reused and turned into something new – like bicycles or life-saving medical equipment.

Your mission

You may have seen me spreading my electrical recycling message across the UK about where to find your local donation and recycling points.
Now you can help by spreading the word in your area.
We have made some mmmarvellous HypnoCat leaflets, posters, social posts and more for you to use. You’re welcome.
Download HynpoCat goodies

What electrical items can be recycled?

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.

Are your old electricals still working?

Ask yourself if another human could give them a good home.


Humans! You wiiiill recycle your old electricals!

Find your local repair, donation and recycling points by using my clever postcode locator