E-Waste Day – 14th October 2023

Our electricals contain valuable materials like gold, copper, lithium and more. Join millions of people recycling their electricals and help save precious resources from being lost

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Where to recycle

What is International E-Waste Day?

And why you should get involved in International E-Waste Day

Electricals are our fastest growing waste stream

In the UK and across the world we’re binning or hoarding millions of tonnes of unwanted electricals. It’s a waste of resources, bad economics and a growing problem for our environment.

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More and more of us are recycling our old electricals

Last year millions more of us started recycling our old electricals. And that’s saving some of the planet’s most precious and finite resources from being lost forever. In fact 75% of materials in all electricals can be recycled and used again.

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But some of us still don’t know what to do

So vast amounts of electricals are still being binned or left in drawers and cupboards (or garages) to gather dust. Which means a lot of precious materials are still going to waste.

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The answer? If it has a plug, battery or cable you can recycle it

With more than 15,000 drop-off points around the UK on our Recycling Locator, you’re never far away from a donation or recycling point. Find your nearest one now.

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Who’s involved in International E-Waste Day?

Join the growing list of organisations already taking part to tackle e-waste

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Where to recycle your electricals