Sell your electricals

It’s never been easier to sell second-hand electronics – whether a laptop, your old headphones, hair dryer or kitchen appliances. Time to turn all that electrical clutter into hard cash.

electric plug in origami £5 bank notes against a blue backdrop electric plug in origami £5 bank notes against a blue backdrop

Get the year off to a great start – make some extra cash

We did the numbers so you don’t have to

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31 gadgets

The average number of electricals in working order that are gathering dust in UK homes – from old phones and headphones, to hairdryers, kitchen appliances and children’s toys.

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15 minutes

The time it takes to put something up for sale using an online peer-to-peer site like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or eBay. What are you waiting for?

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That’s how much you could get for an unwanted mobile phone – depending on its age and brand. Even electric toothbrushes could fetch up to £105, while at the lower end an electric iron could make £15. It all adds up.

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How much you could earn by selling unwanted tech that’s in working order. And for recent models and expensive brands, it could be as much as £6,331. Check out our used electronics price guide.

Get ready to sell second-hand electronics

Three simple steps

With a little preparation you could make over £1,300 and as much as £6,330

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Sort it

Separate your unwanted electricals into 3 piles: sell, donate, or recycle. It makes the rest so much easier.

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Prepare it

Before bagging up your old items, remove batteries, bulbs and memory cards, and delete data from smart devices and IT. See our guides to preparing your gear and deleting your data.

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Let it go

Check out online market places like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or eBay, where you get to keep most of the sale price. Or, if you’re replacing a product, some retailers will buy back your old one.

Tony Sales from We Fight Fraud talking to camera with electrical graphics in the background

“Before you recycle your electricals make sure you destroy the data on them – don’t just delete it.”

– Tony Sales, We Fight Fraud

Keep your personal data safe – read our guide to safely deleting personal data from your smart devices, with guidance from We Fight Fraud and the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre.

How to delete your data

It’s easy to sell your unwanted electricals on these peer-to-peer sites

Or get cash for your old electricals from a reseller that refurbishes

Recycle everything else

Can’t sell, repair or donate it? You can recycle anything with a plug, battery or cable – find your nearest drop-off point using our locator.