Why donate electricals?

Don’t need your old device? Someone else could use it.

Three children sitting cross legged in a classroom using tablets

Donate, repair, recycle

It’s easy to donate electricals – check out these organisations and charities

Donating smart devices? Remember to delete your data.

Old laptops, mobile phones and other smart devices contain mountains of valuable data. So before recycling or passing them on, make them safe. The details vary for different devices – but the basic steps are simple.

line drawing of a usb cable going into a cloud to signify data back up

Step 1: Back up data

Start by backing up your data from your device and any memory cards. This means saving your photos or contacts in the cloud, to a personal computer or external backup drive

Guide to backing up data
Illustration of a hand pressing a smart phone screen with a sim card next to it denoting mobile data deletion

Step 2: Delete data

Before passing on your device, it’s your responsibility to wipe personal data before removing SIM or memory cards

FAQ on deleting data
Illustration of recycling locator icon on a laptop and a smart phone

Step 3: Check locator

Now check our locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point.

Recycling locator
An old light skinned man sitting on a sofa is looking at a smartphone which is turned on its side


700,000 UK homes lack adequate access to a digital device or the internet

Over 1 in 4 young people (16- to 25-year-olds) lack access to a laptop or tablet or Chromebook at home.

Recycle everything else

Can’t sell, repair or donate it? Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.