Why donate electricals?

Don’t need your old device? Someone else could use it.

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It’s easy to donate your electricals

A growing number of charities and reuse organisations are ready to give your unwanted electricals a new lease of life.

4 good reasons to donate electricals

As you’re bagging up your old electricals, think about donating them.

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1. We can stop resources going to waste

Thousands of tonnes of working electrical items end up in landfill, and the materials they contain are lost forever. But there is a real alternative.

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2. Many unwanted electricals still work

Things like phones, laptops and cameras can be refurbished and put to good use via second-hand markets or charity shops. Could you donate yours? 

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3. It’s good for the planet, good for people

Donating is a win-win – reducing demand for raw materials, curbing CO2 emissions and giving low-income households access to affordable goods.

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4. Someone, somewhere will thank you for it

Lots of charities would love your unwanted electricals – British Red Cross, Sue Ryder, Emmaus, British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie, FARA.. 

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Did you know?

Donating smart devices? Remember to delete your data.

Old laptops, mobile phones and other smart devices contain mountains of valuable data. So before recycling or passing them on, make them safe. The details vary for different devices – but the basic steps are simple.

Step 1

Start by backing up the data from your device and any memory cards. Usually this means saving your photos, contacts and so on to the cloud or to a personal computer.

Step 2

Next, wipe all personal data from your device, and reset to original settings. This is called a factory reset. The manufacturer’s website will tell you how to do this.

Step 3

Finally, remove any SIM and memory cards from the device. Now use our locator to find your nearest repair, reuse and recycling point. Check now.

Recycling locator

Need more help on deleting data from your smart devices?

Remember it’s your responsibility to wipe data from your smart devices before passing them on or recycling them. Check out our FAQ on how to delete your data or hit the button below to download our handy guide.

Download our handy guide
Infographic showing donation value of old electricals

Did you know?

Your old tech could be a lifeline

Phones, laptops, kitchen appliances – someone else could put your unwanted electricals to good use.

So before you recycle, think about donating your old gear – you might be helping someone save a hefty £150.

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Where to take your electricals to donate or recycle them

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