Electrical recycling near me

Never bin your old electricals or batteries. And don’t put them in your general recycling bin. Everything with a plug, battery or cable must be recycled separately.

Enter your postcode below to find all your local battery and electrical recycling points.

If you’re visiting your local recycling centre, please check if you need to book a slot, or take proof of address.

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recycling drop-off for TVs and monitors at municipal waste and recycling centre, Herefordshire

Electrical recycling near me

Your local council may offer free collection of small electricals or batteries directly from your home as part of their kerbside waste collection programme. But failing that, there are more than 2,500 drop-off points across the UK that will welcome your old appliances and will recycle your electricals and batteries safely and responsibly. These include local council-run recycling centres but also charities, and even some retailers.

You can recycle anything with a plug, battery or cable.

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Many shops will dispose of your old electricals and batteries for you

Recycling your electricals and batteries is getting easier all the time. Thousands of shops up and down the UK will now take your unwanted electrical products for recycling when you buy something new from them. And some larger electrical retailers will take back your old tech in store even if you’re not making a purchase.

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when you buy from an electrical retailer they will take back your old printer for recycling
Charity electrical recycling and reuse shop front - British Heart Foundation

Why not sell or donate your tech?

Before committing your working gadgets to recycling, why not sell them on for some extra cash? Or better yet, donate to give them a second lease of life? Some charity shops accept second-hand electrical items and could offer free collection from your home.

Our electrical and battery recycling locator, above, shows you all points to donate your old electricals to help others. Enter your postcode to explore your local options.

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Before you part with your electricals …

Consider whether you could repair your phone, laptop or kitchen appliance. There’s thriving demand for refurbished devices – and lots of broken electricals only require simple repairs to get them back up and running again.

Before splashing out on replacements, find out if fixing your item makes sense.

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‘Where is there electricals reycling near me?’ – the answer should be at everyone’s fingertips. And it will be if we ensure our electrical recycling locator is as accurate as possible. So please tell us if you notice we’re any missing collection points, or if you encounter any problem with the locator. Thank you!

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Everything you need to know about how, why and where to donate, repair and recycle your unwanted electricals. Let HypnoCat be your guide.