Recycling IT equipment and smart devices

The smart thing to do with your old laptop, phone or other devices is fix them, pass them on or recycle them.

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Smart device recycling near me

Recycling IT equipment and smart devices

Recycling or passing on phones and laptops doesn’t have to be a data nightmare – and it’s now easier than ever to reuse and recycle old phones, laptops, tablets, cables, mobiles, wearable tech devices, smart watches and more.

How to delete your data

Old laptops, mobile phones and other smart devices contain mountains of valuable data. Before recycling or passing them on, make them safe. The details vary for different devices – but the basic steps are simple.

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Step 1

Back up important files, such as documents and photos.

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Step 2

Sign out of all accounts on your device, and destroy your data by following our guide.

Data Deletion Guide
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Step 3

Remove any SIM or memory cards, if possible. Now use our handy locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point.

Recycling locator
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Waterproof phones

An astonishing 100,000 phones are dropped down the toilet every year in Britain. Lucky then that we’re following Japan’s model, where 90% of phones are waterproof because people like to take them everywhere – including the shower! If your phone gets a dunking it can’t recover from, remember: anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.

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