Hidden treasure in our homes

As new research exposes the jaw-dropping volume and value of old electricals hiding in our homes, award-winning photographer Gregg Segal meets the people who aren’t taking the waste challenge lying down.

Natalie Fee, lying among electricals, by Gregg Segal

Recycle your electricals

What do you mean ‘hidden treasure’?

Small old electricals squirrelled away in our homes are worth millions of pounds – and they can be recycled and made into new products. This stuff can save lives and money.

photo of Ian Downs with music centrem by Gregg Segal

We’re binning or hoarding millions of old electricals

New research finds 527 million unwanted electricals in our homes and that we throw away 155,000 tonnes a year, costing the UK economy £370 million.

Make the most of your hidden treasure

We’re sitting on a gold mine in our own homes

Electricals contain precious materials like gold, copper and aluminium that can be recycled – with a re-sale value of £620 per household.

Where to take your unwanted electricals
photo showing two people and bicycle

Recycling means new gear for old, and a healthier environment

Recycling our old electricals would be worth billions, help the planet and provide materials for life-saving defibrillators, bicycles and more.

Find your nearest recycling point
photo of person holding box of old electrical items

While millions of us are recycling, there’s still vast potential

Even as we declutter, electricals tend to get left behind. The great news is that it’s easier than ever to recycle your unwanted electricals.

Give your hidden treasure a second life

Hidden treasure seekers

“We don’t have to be surrounded by this stuff.
We can pass on these old electricals to others or recycle them.”

Gregg Segal, photographer 

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Graphic of blue house overflowing with pink electrical items pouring out the doors, windows and chimneys. Text: We're hiding 527 million unwanted electricals in our homes that could be put to good use. Graphic of a pile of electrical items with an equals sign and a fan of money in notes. Text: £620 per household. That's how much an average UK household could have made from selling their unwanted electricals. Graphic of the earth wrapped in an electrical cable.

Did you know?

photo of Ian Downs in photo studio by Gregg Segal for Recycle Your Electricals

Your stories

“It’s close to my heart”

Downsy found life-saving treasure under the stairs

“Some of the research is incredible,” says DJ Downsy. And it’s not just the colossal amount of unwanted electricals hoarded in UK homes – including his own.

As a Type 2 diabetic with heart disease in the family, Ian’s passion for recycling hit new highs when he learned that old electricals can be turned into life-saving defibrillators.

Meet the people getting to grips with their hidden treasure

It’s a movement about to sweep the nation.

portrait photo of Greg Segal, photographer


“I confess I have my own stash of derelict electricals”

The award-winning photographer who captured the treasure hidden in our homes.

“It was a privilege to meet these people and capture their images, but it was also such an eye-opener to discover the scale of the problem. My hope is that by sharing these photos, people will consider what they do next with their small old electricals – I know I will.”

photo of Fiona Hoggard with old electricals

Your stories

More of you discovering the hidden treasure in your homes

“I stick old electricals in a bag, stuff them in the loft, then take them to the recycling centre,” says Fundraising Consultant Fiona Hoggard.

Together we can fix the problem of electrical waste.

Now find out where to give your hidden treasure a new lease of life

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