Prepare your electricals for recycling

You can recycle anything with a plug, battery or cable.
Learn how to prepare your electricals for recycling – the process is easy.

As easy as ABC

Could your unwanted electricals be passed on, or fixed? If not, recycling your electricals is the best thing to do. Now preparing them is simple.


Does your old electrical contain batteries or bulbs? Remove these before recycling. It’s your responsibility to remove personal data from smart devices and computers, so remember to take out memory cards and delete your data.


Find a bag that you can use to store all your old electricals until you can go to the recycling centre – or until collection day, if you have one.


Check our easy recycling locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point. Some councils will also collect directly from your home. Otherwise keep your electricals in your bag until after lockdown.

Recycling locator

Prepare your electricals for recycling: smart devices

How to delete your data from your smart devices so you can part with them safely.

3 easy steps for peace of mind

Step 1

Start by backing up the data from your device and any memory cards. Usually this means saving your photos, contacts and so on to the cloud or to a personal computer.

Step 2

Next, wipe all personal data from your device, and reset to original settings. This is called a factory reset. The manufacturer’s website will tell you how to do this.

Step 3

Finally, remove any SIM and memory cards from the device. Now use our locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point. Check now.

Recycling locator

Need more help on deleting data from your smart devices?

Check out our detailed guidance on how to do this. Remember it’s your responsibility to wipe data from your smart devices before passing them on or recycling them.

How to delete your data

Electrical recycling locator

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