Used electronics price guide

How much could you make by selling your unwanted electricals?

Most of us have a pile of unwanted gadgets and accessories gathering dust at home – chargers, headphones, kitchen gizmos we no longer use (perhaps never did). 

In fact we reckon that across UK homes there’s a whopping 880 million such bits and pieces. And there is huge value locked up in this hoard – in the materials they contain, the economic costs of producing them, and the social and environmental impacts of mining and manufacturing. 

This is why we’re urging everyone to sort their electricals, donate or sell them. Only as a last resort do we need to send them for recycling

In other words, getting our lazy electricals back in the game is a win for the economy and the planet. 

For you there could be a more tangible financial win. Our research shows that households in the UK could make at least £1,300 – and as much as £6,330 – from selling their unused electronics.

Let’s talk price

If you’re ready to give it a go, you’ll want to know what prices you can expect for your used gadgets. 

So we investigated how much electricals are selling for, second hand. To be precise, we checked the second-hand sale prices for 14 products you’re most likely to have lying around at home.  

The findings really surprised us. Whether it’s a smartphone fetching over £500, an electric toothbrush going for £105 or an electric kettle for £15 (that’s four or five coffees) you could be looking at quite a windfall.

Price guide

How did we come up with these prices? 

We looked at the 31 products most likely to be found twiddling their electronic thumbs in UK households. Of course, many households will have more than one example of an item – two phones, three cables and so on – and our final list of 14 products reflects this. We then looked at the high and low selling prices on eBay and Gumtree for these 14 items. 

So treat these prices as indicative – they’re based on a snapshot at a particular time. Lots of factors will affect how much you actually get for your product: its condition and age, where you go to find a buyer for your second hand electricals, when you publish your listing, how long you’re willing to wait, whether you go for an auction or are prepared to negotiate – and more. For advice on selling electricals online, see [link].

Now, let’s make some money.

First published 31 January 2024. We’ll update this page periodically to reflect changing prices.

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