You wiiiill donate your preloved electricals

Holding onto your electricals prevents them being used by other people, who might really need and appreciate them.

a pale skinned woman hands a pair of used headphones to another pale skinned woman in a Sue Ryder shop


three pale skinned women and two pale skinned men standing in the doorway of a Sue Ryder charity shop

Give your unwanted electricals a new life at Sue Ryder stores

We’re partnering with Sue Ryder to make it easier for the public to donate their unwanted electricals. They are running a trial to accept small electrical items for donation in 10 selected shops across London. The pilot will help ensure everyone has access to electricals at affordable prices, while raising money for Sue Ryder.

Bag up your electricals and drop off at one of the Sue Ryder stores listed below.

a pale skinned man hands a used kettle to another pale skinned woman in a sue ryder shop

What preloved electricals can be rehomed?

Any small, working, clean electricals that are smaller than a microwave

Sue Ryder stores are unable to accept broken electricals, large electrical items such as white goods, power tools or personal hygiene items such as shavers and foot spas. Find your local donation or recycling points for these items by clicking the button below.

About Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder is here to make sure everyone approaching the end of their life or living with grief can access the support they need. There is no one size fits all when it comes to how we cope and the help we need, but with their support, no one has to face dying or grief alone. They are there when it matters.

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Recycle everything else

Can’t sell, repair or donate it? Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.