Last-minute sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts: recycled electrical jewellery and more!

13th February 2024

Written by: Charlotte Davies

ring made from recycled metal

Are you scrambling for Valentine’s Day gifts at the eleventh hour? Relax. We’ve got 7 great tips to help show the love for your significant other – and the planet.

  1. Look out for eco-friendly candles
    Swap out paraffin-wax candles for eco-friendly alternatives crafted from natural ingredients like soy wax, housed in recycled glass. Soy candles are a great choice for those seeking clean burning candles with minimal environmental impact. Check out Peace with the wild or Elizabeth & Ernest.

  2. Bake together with sustainable ingredients
    Spend quality time in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats using sustainably sourced ingredients with minimal plastic packaging. And if you uncover gadgets you no longer use, such as a popcorn maker or juicer, consider selling or donating them! Or if they are unusable appliances, remember to recycle them responsibly using our electrical recycling locator.

  3. Buy sustainable jewellery from recycled electricals
    Choose jewellery that has been made from recycled metals, which saves the need to mine for new materials and saves carbon emissions. Our research shows that if all the electricals that we no longer use or throw away were recycled, we would have enough gold to make 858,000 recycled gold rings! Check out our list of jewellers that produce recycled jewellery.

  4. Cook an eco-friendly Valentine’s dinner
    Instead of going out for a meal, surprise your loved one with a delicious veggie or vegan feast to reduce your carbon footprint. Research shows that plant-based diets have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to meat-based ones.

  5. Gift handcrafted tokens of affection
    It may be a cliche, but receiving a handmade gift is sure to make you feel all warm inside. Whether it’s crafting organic wax candles, knitting a cosy jumper, or creating a heartfelt DIY project, spending time hand-making a gift yourself shows how much you care.

  6. Give the gift of houseplants 
    Instead of buying flowers, gift a houseplant instead. Not only do houseplants beautify spaces, but they also purify the air, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

  7. Opt for environmentally friendly wrapping
    If you’re wrapping your Valentine’s present, say no to excessive wrapping paper waste by opting for eco-friendly alternatives like brown paper and natural string, which are easily recyclable or reusable. Not all wrapping paper can be recycled so it’s important to recycle the ones you can. Some wrapping paper will say “Widely recycled” on. If you’re uncertain, try the “Scrunch test” – if the paper stays scrunched up, it’s recyclable; if it unfolds or pops back open, it cannot be recycled. Or buy a tote bag to gift the present in – it can be reused later as an alternative to paper.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s woo our planet and our sweetheart with gifts that are as sustainable as our love—because nothing says “I love you” like reducing our carbon footprint!

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