Speaker recycling

Have you heard? You can recycle speakers, smart speakers, amplifiers, tuners, subwoofers, cables, CD players (remember them?) – every bit of your sound system. Music to your ears.

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Electrical recycling near me

How to recycle speakers and other parts of a sound system

It’s as easy as ABC

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Could your speakers be repaired? Could you donate them to a charity? Pass them on to someone you know? Or could you sell your unwanted speakers?

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Find a bag or box to store your unwanted speakers and other audio equipment, along with other old electrical gadgets, until you can go to the recycling centre – or until collection day if you have one.

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Find your nearest recycling point. Simply enter your postcode in our locator – and beat it to your nearest recycling point.

Recycling locator

Where can you recycle speakers, smart speakers and accessories?

Pick the option that suits you.

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The smart thing to do with unwanted smart speakers is reuse or recycle them

Before you pass them on or recycle them, remember to do a factory reset to remove any of your personal data stored on the device.

The same goes for any smart devices.

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Why recycling sounds so good

If you’re changing up your sounds you might be ready to get rid of your old wired speakers, bluetooth speakers, amplifier, tuner, CD player, or even a cassette player – as well as the cables, plugs, connectors and remote control units that go with them. You can recycle anything with a plug, battery or cable – and it’s easier than ever. Sell it, pass it on, donate it to charity or drop it off to be taken care of by specialists. You’ll be saving precious materials such as gold and silver from being lost forever.

Recycling locator

Find your nearest recycling point

Put in your postcode to find recycling and reuse centres near you