Recycling batteries

Recycling batteries is more straightforward than ever. And it’s really important to recycle batteries because they can cause fires if thrown in the general waste or your normal recycling bin. Here’s our guide to battery recycling.

hands holding batteries to be recycled hands holding batteries to be recycled

What types of batteries can be recycled?

All batteries must be recycled, not thrown away. Always carefully remove batteries from electrical products before recycling to avoid damaging them. If you’re unable to remove the battery, please recycle them with your old electricals. Check our location finder for your nearest recycling point.

icons of different types of batteries

All household batteries

Both rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries should be recycled when they’re finished with. This includes lithium-ion ‘button’ batteries from watches, hearing aids, cameras etc.

Battery packs

All battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and remote control units can be recycled.

Car batteries

It is against the law to dispose of these in a bin. Recycling for car batteries is only available at designated collection points.

A graphic of an electric battery charging

Did you know?

Rechargeable batteries keep on giving

Rechargeable batteries can be reused many times – and they produce less pollution because they’re not thrown away as quickly. Plus, using rechargeables can cost you less because you won’t have to buy new batteries so often.

Find your nearest recycling point

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