Washing machine recycling

How, why and where to recycle washing machines.

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Best ways to dispose of old washing machines

Give one of these great options a spin.

repairing a washing machine


Many electrical and mechanical faults can be fixed for less than the cost of a new machine.

Repair electricals
British Heart Foundation electricals shop-front in Hereford, UK


Making a clean break with your old washing machine? Charities, social enterprises and some councils will pass on products in good condition to families who need them.

Donate electricals
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Make a little cash towards your next purchase – try selling your washing machine via online marketplaces such as eBay and Gumtree or local networks and noticeboards.

Sell electricals
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Like anything with a plug, battery or cable, washing machines can be dismantled. The valuable materials they’re made of are separated and used again.

Recycling locator
Washing machines and other white goods boxed

Shops will dispose of your old electricals for you

Recycling your washing machine and other household appliances is getting easier all the time. Retailers up and down the UK will now take your unwanted electrical product for recycling when you buy something new from them. You needn’t have bought your old one at the same store.

Retailers will take back your old electricals
A photo of a dismantled washing machine washing machines lined up in a store

Did you know?

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Tens of thousands of washing machines and other household appliances have already been collected, refurbished and passed on to households who make good use of them.

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