Donate or recycle after Christmas: it’s Give-Back January

Did the festive season bring electrical gifts? Make sure your older gadgets and appliances help someone who really needs them – by donating or recycling with Give-Back January.

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Give-Back January

Donate or recycle electricals after Christmas

It’s time to make sure our old electricals are put to good use by giving more families access to affordable technology.

“If we’re buying so much over Christmas, then we all have a responsibility to do something useful with our replaced items,” says TV presenter Andrea McLean.

Join Andrea and husband Nick Freeney as they get boxing up to stop millions of pounds’ worth of usable electricals going to waste.

See who else is getting behind Give-Back January

Four ways you can give back in January

Recycling electricals: It’s as easy as ABC

If you’re planning to donate or recycle your electricals, preparing them is simple. Be sure to check opening times at your local recycling point for Covid-19 restrictions.


Does your old electrical contain batteries or bulbs? Remove these before recycling. It’s your responsibility to remove personal data from smart devices and computers, so remember to take out memory cards and delete your data.


Find a bag that you can use to store old electricals until you can go to your recycling centre – or until collection day if you have one. With Covid-19 restrictions you might not be able to make the trip straight away.


Check our easy recycling locator to find your nearest repair, reuse or recycling point. Some councils will also collect directly from your home. Otherwise keep your electricals in your bag until after lockdown.

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Why Give-Back January?

After the Christmas gift bonanza, you could brighten someone else’s 2021 by donating or recycling your older electricals – from Christmas lights to laptops.

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The annual electricals spending spree

A staggering 53.5 million electricals were set to be sold between Black Friday and Christmas – as millions of us planned to buy new products.

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Binning or neglecting our old electricals

People up and down the country said they were planning to throw away nearly 5 million older, unwanted electrical items. 

ethical jewellery can be made from recycled electricals such as mobile phones

Worth millions in good will

Those electricals would have a value of almost £160 million if used to give families access to affordable technology and appliances.

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We want to do better – and we can

More than two-thirds of us would donate our old electricals to people who need them if we knew how. That’s where we can help.

Donate electrical goods

Did you know?

Meet more people who are giving back

More and more of us are getting ready to donate or recycle our old electricals

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