Paul takes electrical recycling personally

Photo by Gregg Segal

“Imagine if everyone in the UK recycled just one old electrical item”

A sustainability manager for an electrical wholesaler, Paul (pictured with his son) is fully aware of the problem of small old electricals as one of fastest growing waste streams in the world. 

So he was up for taking part in award-winning photographer Gregg Segal’s project to illustrate the massive potential for recycling our old electricals.

Electrical hoard surprise

But even Paul was surprised to discover that 31 million laptops are currently hoarded in UK homes – and are just one of many millions of items being stored or thrown away rather than recycled.

From games consoles to phones and electric toothbrushes to kitchen appliances, Paul admits that his loft and garage are full of small old electricals.

He is trying to improve his waste electrical behaviour. Where he can, he tries to reuse, repair and make things last.

Wake-up call

But being involved in the Recycle Your Electricals campaign shoot, surrounded by games, radios, kitchen appliances and electric toothbrushes, was a real wake-up call. It made Paul think about his consumption of electricals, and the effect this waste has on the environment.

He plans to get recycling: “Imagine if everyone in the UK recycled just one old electrical, what we could do,” he said.

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