Nicola Lewis on decluttering electricals

Photo of Nicola Lewis and Konnie Huq
Nicola Lewis, left, with Konnie Huq.

Sort, bag, recycle – or donate. Getting ready to recycle is easy.

Nicola Lewis, pictured left with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, is the Instagram phenomenon behind This Girl Can Organise.

She is a professional declutterer who turned her expertise to helping us all recycle our old electricals with the Little Spring Clean campaign in 2020.

De-hoarding old electricals

“It’s all about de-hoarding unwanted electricals,” says Nicola.

“It’s the world’s fastest growing waste stream, but you can do something useful with it: sort it, and bag it up before you recycle it or donate it.”

“Whenever I’m decluttering someone’s home I always create three piles: keep, donate and recycle. We can apply this to electricals.”

Of the Little Spring Clean campaign, Nicola said: “I think it’s really going to make a difference and help so many people know where they can put their stuff.”

Watch what happened when Nicola met Konnie.

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