Recycling blenders

Is your unused blender cluttering up the kitchen cupboard? Time to give recycling a spin – or donate your unwanted kitchenware to someone else.

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Electricals recycling near me

How to recycle an old blender

It’s as easy as ABC

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Does it really need to be recycled? Perhaps your gadget could be fixed – find a blender mender. Could you donate it to a charity? Pass it on to someone you know? Or could you sell your unwanted blender?

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If your blender needs to go, find a box or bag that you can use to stash all your old electrical bits and pieces until you next visit the recycling centre – or until collection day if you have one.

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Find your nearest recycling point. Simply enter your postcode in our recycling locator. And off you go.

Where can you recycle a kitchen blender?

Pick the option that suits you – or pick and mix

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2.1 million defibrillators

That’s how many life-saving devices could be made from the 2.4 million blenders sitting idle in UK kitchens.

Old electricals contain valuable materials that can be salvaged and made into something amazing. Go on – give yours a new lease of life.

Find your nearest recycling point

Put in your postcode to find recycling and reuse centres near you