Recycle small kitchen appliances

Fish out your old kitchen “FadTech” electricals! What to do when your hots for the air fryer cools off? Or the bread maker fails to rise to the challenge of daily life? Donate or recycle, that’s what.

Joanna Page and Ortis Deley heading up FadTech campaign

Electricals recycling near me

Orits Deley holding a popcorn maker as part of Recycle Your Electricals FadTech campaign


18.2 million kitchen gadgets

That’s how many barely used appliances are cluttering up UK kitchens – from one-hit-wonder waffle makers to takes-too-much-effort toastie makers.

Watch TV host and presenter of the Gadget Show Ortis Deley, and actor and presenter Joanna Page getting hot under the collar about our obsession with “FadTech” kitchen electricals and why we hold onto them for so long.

Which kitchen gadgets can be recycled?

Millions are bought on a whim and hardly used. But your old or unwanted electricals can be reused or turned into useful things like life-saving equipment and bicycles – you can recycle all these and more.

How to recycle everything from a microwave to a slow cooker

It’s as easy as breaking eggs


Could your broken kitchen gadget be fixed? Maybe someone you know would welcome your surplus soda stream? Or could you donate that spare blender to a charity? If your slow cooker is failing to keep pace, sell it.

illustration of bag to collect old electrcials for recycling


Find a box or bag where you can stash all your old electrical bits and pieces – from milk frother to crock pot – until you next visit the recycling centre, or until collection day if you have one.


Simply enter your postcode in our recycling locator to find your nearest recycling point. And you’re cooking.

Where can you recycle kitchen appliances?

Pick the option that suits you

Find your nearest recycling drop-off point