How to recycle printers and printer cartridges

You can recycle printers just as easily as printer cartridges. Here’s how.

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How to recycle your old printer

Inkjets, laserjets and all-in-one printer-scanner-copiers of all brands and sizes can be recycled.

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Is your printer beyond use? Or could you repair, or donate it? If it has to go, remove ink cartridges and memory cards. Restore the printer to its factory settings to wipe data (see below).

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Bag up your old printer and cables until you’re ready to recycle it – or until collection day, if you have one.

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Enter your postcode in our electrical recycling locator to find your nearest donation or recycling point. You’re all queued up to recycle your old printer.

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What to do with old printers: other ways to recycle

Pause – before recycling your old printer, here’s what else you could do with it.

repairing electricals can save money and resources


If your printer has developed a fault that basic troubleshooting doesn’t fix, check our guide to repairing electricals.

Repair electronics
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If your unwanted printer is in working order, someone else might be able to use it. Read our page on how you could donate your printer to charity.

Donate electricals
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Perhaps you could find a buyer via local notice boards or online marketplaces. See our guide to turning old electricals into cash.

Sell electronics
wipe your data before recycling a printer

How to recycle a printer but keep your data safe

Some printers store data after being switched off or disconnected from a computer. WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled printers, for example, might keep your network’s connection details. To be safe, factory reset your printer – check the maker’s documentation on how to do this.

For more on securing your data, see our guide:

How do I delete my data?

Where to recycle printers you’re replacing

Use our recycling locator to find your nearest reuse and recycling point.

Or, if you’re going shopping, bear in mind that retailers now take back old electricals when you’re buying new. And some larger stores will recycle your old tech even if you’re not buying.

In other words, it’s getting easier all the time to recycle printers and other electricals.

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when you buy from an electrical retailer they will take back your old printer for recycling
Image of Hypnocat asking humans to bag up their old electricals for recycling recycling ink cartridges and printers is easier than ever

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