How to recycle a breadmaker

Has the love for your breadmaker gone stale? Time to pass it on or recycle it.

Breadmaker with a fresh loaf in front of it Breadmaker with a fresh loaf in front of it

How to recycle a breadmaker

It’s as easy as ABC

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Has your breadmaker really made its last loaf? If it’s faulty could you fix it at a repair shop? Maybe donate the appliance to a charity shop, or to someone who wants a secondhand breadmaker? Or could you sell your bread machine?

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If you do want to dispose of your breadmaker, find a bag or box to store it until you’re ready to go to the recycling centre – or until collection day if you have one.

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Find your nearest recycling point. Simply enter your postcode in our recycling locator. It’s that simple.

Where can you recycle breadmakers?

Pick from this growing list of options

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Did you know?

Find your nearest recycling point

Put in your postcode to find recycling and reuse centres near you

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