Recycling entertainment, toys and leisure equipment

Your old headphones, TV monitor or console might be past their best – but recycling entertainment equipment means it’s not game over.

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Electrical recycling near me

Recycling toys, entertainment and leisure gear

Old leisure gadgets and entertainment equipment can be recycled. That means old headphones, TV remotes, radios, video players, DVD players, speakers, cameras, hi-fi systems, any toys and musical instruments with an electrical component, games consoles and more . . .

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TV remotes have been around since 1955

Looking like a Flash Gordon-style laser gun, the Flash-Matic was invented for the president of US company Zenith Electronics, who wanted to be able to skip the adverts. Today about 28 million UK households have at least one television set – and multiple remote controls.Image: Edd Thomas/CC BY 2.0