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With COP27 almost over, we look back on last year’s Climate Conference in Glasgow: when our Hidden Treasures photos by Gregg Segal  made their debut, and the journey they’ve since taken to inspire the UK to recycle their electricals.

Did you know that we’re hoarding 527 million old small electricals in our homes across the UK? That’s what was revealed in our 2020 ‘Hidden Treasures’ campaign, highlighting the gold mines we’re sitting on that could be reused or recycled. 

To demonstrate the jaw-dropping volume and value of these electricals, we worked with award-winning photographer Gregg Segal. Gregg’s unique style of photography brings to life the sheer scale of the e-waste problem, through capturing 4 birds-eye images of people surrounded by their old electricals. 

“It’s meant to feel a little overwhelming – to reflect what we all feel when we hoard all this stuff. But we can feel relief, too. We don’t have to be surrounded by this stuff. We can pass on these old electricals to others or recycle them.” Gregg Segal, photographer

Our Hidden Treasures photos were first displayed at COP26 in Glasgow, spotlighting the importance of e-waste on a global stage and inspiring some of the world’s most influential people. 

The images have since travelled up and down the country to various exhibitions, with the  aim to inspire people to recycle their electricals… 

Greg Segal image on a wall in a gallery

6ft photographs visit the Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow

COP26 created an environmental buzz in Glasgow, even after the conference. We were therefore delighted when Six Foot Gallery asked to exhibit the photographs as part of their Winter Show, to continue reminding residents of the importance of recycling their electricals. 

“We loved having the photographs on display and felt that they were a really powerful demonstration of our consumption of technology, and a great addition to our Winter Show last year.” The SFG Team 

Spreading the e-waste message to MShed, Bristol

Over the summer we featured in MShed’s Think Global: Act Bristol’, an exhibition that explored Bristol’s role in the climate and ecological emergencies. 

“The Recycle Your Electricals campaign is brilliant. It was so good to be able to include two of Gregg Segal’s photos in our exhibition. They were the perfect bridge between sections on Technology and Consumption, and really striking thought provoking images that got all of our team, as well as visitors, thinking about the electrical ‘stuff’ we accumulate.” Karen McDonald, MShed curator 

Making a mark at Landmarks Art Centre, London 

The images most recently visited the Landmarks Art Centre in Teddington, South West London, as part of their ‘Trash to Treasure Fest’ exhibition. 

‘Trash to Treasure Fest’ was a community arts festival, encouraging locals to fix, reuse and recycle their unwanted electricals. Landmarks Art Centre held a drop-in repair cafe throughout the exhibition, where anyone could bring in their broken tech item to be fixed by the Sheddington team. Alongside this the Landmark’s choir created a sound installation combined with the noise of old electricals.

What can you do to help?

Our ‘Hidden Treasures’ photos illustrates the scale and growing challenge of electrical waste hoarded in UK homes, but also the positive impact on climate change that could be achieved by taking the simple steps of recycling. We want to continue exhibiting these images, to surprise and inspire households to start reusing and recycling old electricals. 

If you are holding an exhibition or know of an exhibition, please get in touch by emailing hello@materialfocus.org.uk or calling 07581 005204

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