Electricals in the rubbish bin? No thanks, says Tonia Buxton

“You can recycle them, you can donate them, or you can make money from them.”

Celebrity chef and fitness expert Tonia Buxton shows her followers the perfect recipe for dealing with their old electricals – and avoid sending them to landfill.

The restaurateur and cookery writer took to Instagram to tell her followers about the campaign to get the nation recycling unwanted electricals.

In a video for her social media channel, Tonia fills a Recycle Your Electricals collection box with a bundle of electrical wires, plugs – and even a smart phone.

“What do you do with all your old electricals?” she says. “Do you put them in the bin so they go to landfill? Stop doing that.”

“Send it off and help someone else”

“You can recycle them, you can donate them, or you can make money from them,” says the author of The Real Greek and other popular cookery books.

“I’ve got this brilliant box here from Recycle Your Electricals and I’m going to go around the house to see what wires I’ve got here to fill it up.”

Apologising for her “messy cupboard” she pulls out a basket of electricals where she says “everyone just shoves all their old electricals. Look at this: I’ve got an old iPhone. The amount of wires! I have no idea where half of these wires belong. Where do they go?”

All this would go to landfill if she didn’t box it up and send it for recycling, says Tonia.

“You could even make some money,” she says. Research shows that UK householders are hoarding unwanted electricals that could be worth £17bn in second hand resale value, with each home on average sitting on gear worth £620.

“But even if you don’t want to make some money, send it off and help someone else”, Tonia says.

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