How to transform Black Friday into Green Friday! Tips for being more sustainable this Black Friday

As the anticipation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday intensifies, many of us will be in the market for great discounts and deals on electricals. In November 2021, 40% of UK adults purchased a staggering 40 million electrical household tech items during this shopping frenzy.

But remember – if you’re looking to nab a deal on new headphones, laptops, kettles or any other electricals, remember – don’t let your old electricals go to waste! We want to help turn this Black Friday green.

On average, 2 million unwanted electricals are thrown in the bin between Black Friday and Christmas – that’s a lot of precious materials being needlessly lost, when they could have been donated or recycled and been given a new life. Some electricals also have hidden batteries in them, which can cause fires when binned.

So how can you have a ‘Green Friday’? If you’re on the hunt for bargains this Black Friday, here are some sustainable shopping tips that will allow you to treat yourself and protect the planet:

Reuse before you replace: In the whirlwind of Black Friday discounts, it can be tempting to grab a shiny new gadget. However, before you make a purchase, ask yourself – do you already own something similar that you can reuse or repurpose? If you’re thinking of replacing or upgrading an item, explore the possibility of repairing it first. We have over 500 repair drop-off points on our locator! Making conscious buying decisions can help you avoid impulse purchases and reduce waste, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

Buy refurbished: Many marketplace platforms, such as eBay and BackMarket, run their own Black Friday deals. EBay has launched its ‘deals that don’t cost the earth’ campaign, and BackMarket are offering great tech deals on second hand electricals. You can find discounts on refurbished or second-hand items that are thoroughly tested, certified for quality, and sometimes come with warranties. Opting for refurbished products not only saves you money but also extends the lifespan of these items, reducing electrical waste.

Seek out sustainable brands: Look for brands that prioritise environmental and social responsibility in their products and practices. Some brands use recycled or sustainably sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging. Others focus on minimising waste throughout their manufacturing process. You can use platforms like “reallygoodculture” and “goodonyou” to assess a company’s sustainability efforts before making a purchase.

Donate your unwanted electricals: If you decide to upgrade your electricals on Black Friday but your old ones are still in working condition, consider donating them. Donating your electrical items is a win-win! It reduces the demand for raw materials and helps others access affordable goods, potentially transforming their lives. Use our postcode locator to find local donation points.

‘Take-back’ your old electrical to a local retailer: Did you know many retailers are part of the retailer take-back scheme? The retailer take-back scheme which states that, “All electrical retailers are legally obliged to help their customers recycle their electricals. Retailers must take back customers’ items for recycling that are the same type of product that has a similar function when they buy a new electrical item, regardless of brand, on a like-for-like basis principle.” Some retailers, including Currys and B&Q, will take back all electricals without the need for you to repurchase. If you’re planning to buy a new electrical in the tempting Black Friday deals, take-back your old electrical for recycling! 

Recycle your broken electricals: If your old electricals are beyond repair and no longer functional, remember to recycle them. Anything with a plug, battery, or cable can be recycled! Recycling your electricals has never been easier; simply enter your postcode to find the nearest donation and recycling points.

This Black Friday, let’s not just chase after the best deals, but also strive to make a positive impact on the environment. By following these sustainable shopping tips, you can shop consciously, minimise waste, and contribute to a greener, more responsible future for us all.

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