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Recycle Your Electricals campaign

Recycle Your Electricals is a UK-wide campaign encouraging and supporting more people to reuse and recycle their old electricals – saving precious resources from being lost forever.

Paul Lewis and Kate Thornton launch Cash in Your Electricals campaign

Cash in electricals

Make over £600 from your old electricals

In these uncertain times, did you know you could turn your old phone, laptop or games console into cash – or donate them and help someone else get connected?

TV’s Kate Thornton and the BBC’s personal finance expert Paul Lewis on getting a winter windfall from your unwanted electricals.

I am HypnoCat

Gaze into my electrical recycling eyes

Now you’re under my spell you will surrender to an uncontrollable urge to bag up your old electricals for recycling.


What electrical items can be recycled?

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled. Recycle your electricals today, including:

graphic spelling out WEEE - Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment infographic showing 2000 electrical recycling drop-off points graphic showing 75 per cent of eletricals materials can be recycled


What you can do


You might be surprised at the value hidden in our old electricals – and the benefits of recycling them.

What’s the issue?


See how easy it is to get your unwanted electricals ready to pass on or recycle – we walk you through it.

Prepare your items

Do it

It’s never been easier to find a recycling point near you. Just put your postcode into our recycling locator. If your local council doesn’t offer kerbside collections, get everything prepped now for recycling later.

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