Rupert: tech collector or electrical hoarder?

photo of man and children lying among electricals, by Gregg Segal
Tech collector Rupert and his children reckon they have more than the average hoard of old electricals at home. Photo by Gregg Segal.

“I’ve always got lots of old devices lying around”

Rupert, a married dad of three children, is a Lead Software Developer. His work and personal passion for the latest and greatest tech means he always has the newest smartphone, tablet or laptop in the house.

But he confesses that in his excitement to upgrade, old devices swiftly become a distant memory, hoarded away, collecting dust in a corner of the house.

“I’ve always got lots of old devices lying around. I think it’s not really knowing where I could recycle them or what would be the best thing to do with them.”

He agreed to be photographed, with his children, as part of award-winning photographer Gregg Segal’s project to illustrate the potential for recycling old electricals hidden away in our homes.

“It felt like toast being buttered,” said Rupert’s daughter as she was covered and surrounded by old electricals.

“Drawers full of phones”

During the photo shoot Rupert’s son admitted that they have a lot of small old electricals in the house. These include drawers full of phones, cupboards stacked with laptops, and piles of tablets. Probably far more than the average of 20 hoarded in each UK home.

The shoot made Rupert realise he could make a big difference by recycling – since each item stored in his home contains valuable materials that could be turned into bikes, life-saving equipment and playgrounds.

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