Reuse apprentice Callum gives electricals a second life

“The general public and site staff love to see things being reused.”

Callum Stilwell works with the Bristol Waste Company as a Reuse Apprentice.

“I started in the reuse side of recycling when I saw an apprenticeship listed on the Bristol Waste website.”

“Stopping things being thrown away and getting a second life is amazing. This is what really interested me in reuse: stopping things that are still working from being wasted. The general public and site staff love to see things being reused.”

“My daily work includes measuring weights at the weigh-bridge, as well as finding and sorting items for the shop.”

“I think the reason why people can’t always recycle or reuse items can be down to a few factors. Sometimes it can be a spring clean and people don’t have time to sort items. Or it could be they think the item is no use to anyone any more.”

“We check if the items are working, and then get them ready for selling in our Reuse Shop or on eBay.”

Why reuse and recycle your electricals?

Thousands of tonnes of working electrical items end up in landfill, and the materials they contain are lost forever. But there is a real alternative.

Many unwanted electricals still work. Things like phones, laptops and cameras can be refurbished and put to good use via second-hand markets, charity shops, or reuse centres like the one Callum works at. 

Donating is a win-win – reducing demand for raw materials, curbing CO2 emissions and giving low-income households access to affordable goods.

But if your tech is beyond use, remember that anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled. Join the fight against the growing stream of electrical waste and use our postcode locator to find your nearest electrical reuse and recycling points. With over 3,000 centres across the country, it has truly never been easier to get involved.

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