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Over to you. Tell us how you are recycling your old electricals.

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“I stick old electricals in a bag, stuff them in the loft, then take them to the recycling centre.”

Fiona, Director of a fundraising consultancy, was already into recycling when she heard about the Recycle Your Electricals campaign in early 2020. But she was surprised to find out how easy it was to do more.

“I tend to hang on to things that still work or were high-value, like laptops, cameras, ipads and phones,” she says. “It seems a shame to throw them out for recycling if they still function.”

“I always think they might be useful for something, but know deep down that you never use them again.”

“I never quite know where they can be taken to be reused. I should probably just take them straight away to the recycling centre.”

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We’d love to hear how you’re getting on with sorting and recycling your old electricals.

Scroll down for more inspiration or take a look at our Hidden Treasures campaign and Gregg Segal’s eye-opening portraitsThen hit social media with your stories and Segal-style selfies surrounded by your electricals. Use the hashtags #RecycleYourElectricals #HiddenTreasures #GreggSegal #Dontbinitbagit, tagging @RecycleYourElectricals on Facebook, @RecycleElectric on Twitter, and @RecycleYourElectricals_ on Instagram. Or drop your story in an email to us at

“Until now, I think a lot of people didn’t know what they could do with their old electricals.”

Kate, a Communications Director, was delighted to learn from the Recycle Your Electricals campaign that plastics in old electricals can be turned to good use.

“Plastic is an amazing resource but we don’t value it as we should, and as a result the planet is filling fast with plastic,” she says.

“Throwing away, rather than re-using or recycling these materials, can cause great damage to the environment and to our health.”

“For some reason we seem to have loads of smart phone chargers and headphones in the house, even the ones that don’t work. I think we keep hoping they might start working again. So far that hasn’t happened.”

“It’s so important that we re-use, re-purpose and recycle our electrical goods.”

“In fact, it’s really important that we reuse and recycle everything we can.”

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“The general public and site staff love to see things being reused.”

Callum Stilwell works with the Bristol Waste Company as a Reuse Apprentice.

“Stopping things being thrown away and getting a second life is amazing,” he says. “This is what really interested me in reuse.”

“I think the reason people can’t always recycle, or reuse items, can be down to a few factors. Sometimes it can be a spring clean and people don’t have time to sort items. Or it could be they think the item is no use to anyone any more.”

“We check if the items are working, and then get them ready for selling in our Reuse Shop or on eBay.”

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Sort, bag, recycle – or donate. Getting ready to recycle is easy.

“Whenever I’m decluttering someone’s home I always create three piles: keep, donate and recycle. We can apply this to electricals.”

Nicola Lewis, the Instagram phenomenon behind This Girl Can Organise, is a professional declutterer.

She turned her expertise to helping us all recycle our old electricals with the Little Spring Clean campaign in 2020.

“It’s all about de-hoarding unwanted electricals,” she says.

“It’s the world’s fastest growing waste stream, but you can do something useful with it: sort it, and bag it up before you recycle it or donate it.”

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