The Little Spring Clean, with Konnie Huq

The small stuff counts

Join the former Blue Peter presenter to see how our new love for decluttering can help the planet – by recycling the old electricals we find along the way.

Photo of Konnie Huq and Nicola Lewis sorting old electricals

Little Spring Clean

Why Konnie is revved up to get recycling

“I’m a massive advocate of the need to live as sustainably as possible,” says the former Blue Peter star Konnie Huq.

“While many of us wouldn’t think twice about recycling stuff like clothes, we aren’t aware of the need to recycle our old electricals.”The Little Spring Clean is designed to change all that.See how she’s been inspired “to get delving into drawers”.

What is the Little Spring Clean?

photo of woman with box of items for disposal

We’re decluttering like never before

Nearly 60% of UK householders did some spring cleaning in lockdown.

In the popularity stakes, decluttering came a close second to having a lie-in.

photo of collection of electrical cables and power packs

But small old electricals are being left in the dark

As decluttering surged, a fifth of us were already focusing on old electricals.

But there’s lots more still hiding in our cupboards.

girl holding box of old electricals

How to make sense of it all?

Cables, plugs, batteries, phones – where do we start? “Thankfully there is a way,” says Konnie Huq – The Little Spring Clean.

Photo of Nicola Lewis and Konnie Huq

Small steps, big change

Professional declutterer Nicola Lewis shows how simple it is to sort and bag up your old electricals ready for recycling.

Photo of Konnie Huq and Nicola Lewis sorting old electricals

The Little Spring Clean

“Time to get rummaging”

The former Blue Peter presenter Konnie is revved up to recycle those small electricals after meeting professional declutterer, Nicola Lewis.

Watch what happened when Konnie met Nicola.

portrait of Nicola Lewis

“It’s going to help so many people know where to put their stuff.”

Nicola Lewis – AKA the Queen of Decluttering – is the Instagram phenomenon behind This Girl Can Organise.

And now she’s helping us all organise our old electricals – with the Little Spring Clean.

“It’s all about de-hoarding unwanted electricals,” says Nicola.

“It’s the world’s fastest growing waste stream, but you can do something useful with it: sort it, and bag it up before you recycle it or donate it.”

“Whenever I’m decluttering someone’s home I always create three piles: keep, donate and recycle. We can apply this to electricals.”

“I think the Little Spring Clean is really going to make a difference and help so many people know where they can put their stuff.”

Kids can get in on the action too

Get our fun activity pack for children of all ages. With the Tech Treasure Hunt you’ll soon have them hunting for old electricals buried in drawers and cupboards – and discovering the hidden treasure they contain.

illustration showing electrical cables wrapping around Earth


You could circle the Earth five times …

… with all the electrical cable we’re holding on to in our homes – some 140 million of them.

Many charging cables become obsolete over time, but 1.1 million of us have been hoarding them for a decade.