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Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be reused or recycled

Give-Back January

New year in. Old electricals out.

With the festive gift season over, now’s the time to donate or recycle those surplus gadgets.

Konnie Huq shows you how.

Old electricals? What you can do

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.

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Humans! Do you know how electricals are recycled?

I am HypnoCat. Gaze into my eyes and I will show you how your old electricals are transformed into shiny new objects.

You will remember everything.

Recycling our old electricals is a win-win

Protecting health and the environment and putting valuable resources back into the economy.

Electrical waste ready for processing

What’s the problem?

Discarded electricals are one of the fastest growing sources of waste – and a big threat to the environment and human health.

About the issue
man and boy using electronic devices

Benefits of recycling

Recycling old electricals is better for the planet and your pocket. It means more jobs and saving precious resources.

About the benefits
headphones can be recycled

How recycling works

From your home to your recycling centre to brand new products – the precious materials in old electricals get a new lease of life.

How recycling works
recycling a kettle at a waste and recycling centre

What you can recycle

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled – and most of the materials in them can be made into new products.

What can be recycled

In focus

With the best research and the smartest solutions we’re tackling electrical waste together.

Hidden treasure

Meet the people who aren’t taking the waste challenge lying down, as award-winning photographer Gregg Segal gets behind the campaign.

Discover your hidden treasure


I am HypnoCat, master persuader and recycling crusader. Gaze into my eyes and you will feel a sudden, overwhelming urge to bag up your old electricals for recycling!

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Cash in your old tech

TV’s Kate Thornton and the BBC’s personal finance expert Paul Lewis join the campaign to spell out how you can get a windfall from your unwanted electricals.

Cash in your electricals
graphic spelling out WEEE - Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment 2500 locator points graphic graphic showing 75 per cent of eletricals materials can be recycled


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